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Please Understand Me



Please Understand Me by Thailan When

Please Understand Me

Actualization by Thailan When


Last Trip by Thailan When

Last Trip

Mother and Child by Thailan When

Mother and Child

Swimming Pastels by Thailan When

Swimming Pastels

When I've Always Known You by Thailan When

When I’ve Always Known You

Cover Your Eyes by Thailan When

Cover Your Eyes

For more on the work of artist, Thailan When,
visit and her Etsy shop.

THAİLAN WHEN is a Vietnamese-Chinese American illustrator, painter, and collage artist. She was born in a refugee camp in Songkhla, Thailand and grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California. Her work explores themes varying from her family history of war, trauma and religious mysticism, to her interests in nature and animal symbolism. She lives and works in Oakland and is open to commissions. Please inquire at

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