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The Uncelebrated Stories of Asian American Mothers & Daughters

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API Resources

  • Asian American Support Resources
  • Cathy Hong Park’s book “Minor Feelings” is excellent. Here’s an interview with her by Kara Swisher of the NYT. “Her essay collection “Minor Feelings: An Asian-American Reckoning” wrestles with how discrimination against Asians is often left out in conversations about race in the United States. “We have also been victims to systemic racism throughout history,” Ms. Hong says, “but we have been conditioned to pretend that it doesn’t exist, to minimize it.”
  • Finding Steady Ground: strengthening our spirits to resist and thrive in these times.
  • Reappropriate: Blog that covers Asian American feminism, politics, and pop culture.
  • Asian American Feminist Collective: New York-based group of Asian American intersectional feminists who create spaces for community building and provide public + political education; many of their resources can be accessed online/via their social media. You can check out their educational zines here!
  • The Asian American Literary Review’s Open in Emergency Project: An arts and humanities intervention to decolonize mental health and reimagine what counts as unwellness and wellness in our communities through a dynamic mix of writing, visual art, and interactive mini-projects. Guest-edited by Mimi Khúc, with guest curation by Eliza Noh, erin Khuê Ninh, Tamara Ho, and Long Bui.
  • Zabie Yamasaki: healing practitioner who teaches trauma-informed yoga sessions (based in Los Angeles). Offers trauma-informed yoga video classes through Pancea and 1 free audio recording of a trauma-informed yoga class here
  • Workshops designed to expand the inclusion of Asian American history in classrooms nationwide:

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