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Backbone Project
Backbone Project
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Esther O. Lee

LETTERS TO THE LINEAGE     Grandmother,    Tell me, what was it like to be married at eighteen and already an old hag and withered fruit? When you came to America with your newborn in arm, did you come because you longed for adventure, or because your marriage vow was a choke collar around your neck?   If […]

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Reaching For Her

Alice Nguyễn

Reaching For Her RootsClawing to findher mother’s embraceThe need to connectThe failureTo traceA touchSo familiar feels foreign ScarsLeft peppered from bombsUnspoken traumaSuppressedToo far goneThrough minefieldsShe tip-toesSo careful to findSome semblance of peaceFrom decades unkind FeelingsSo delicateBut quick to explodeHer eyes tell the storyToo raw to beholdShe yearns to unravelHer mother’s truthSoul weepingFar reachingShe fails to […]

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Mey F. Saechao with Jameson Wolf

Essay by Mey F. SaechaoPhotography by Jameson Wolf PREFACE For projects like this, I am hesitant about how my voice is going to be used. Is it going to be tokenized? Will it be used in a space where I feel most authentic? Growing up Iu Mien used to mean constantly asking to be seen […]

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Nyeen Nyeen Has the Last Word

April Yee

Nyeen Nyeen Has the Last Word As a child I loved being dropped off at Nyeen Nyeen’s house on weekday mornings, with the sun shining brightly on the moss green carpets. The smell of toasting bread, butter, and syrup streamed out of the warm kitchen and Sesame Street called from the TV. “Sunny day, chasing […]

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The Light of Darkness

Pary Chuong

The Light of Darkness Warfare.Death.Bloodshed.Love.Betrayal.  The Khmer Rouge. Families torn apart,Leaving members behind to mourn alone.That kind of grief,Can live on forever in someone.Just how it has lived in my mother all these years.  Her mind,Often lives in darkness.A battlefield.With hidden mines,Ready to explode at any given moment. The pain,So deep and dense,Like the jungle.The […]

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Hiking with Ma

Rhummanee Hang

Hiking with Ma Ma is 68 this yearAnd all she wants to do is be outdoors and in natureSoI hike with my mom on the weekendsCrisp airHills, ocean viewsOr smells of saltwater provide a backdropTo stories of beforeBefore coming to the USBefore war and genocideBefore getting married at 16She is still so youthfulSmallA love so […]

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